Saturday, October 27, 2007

REVIEW: The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams

The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams

Underwater archaeologist, Daniel Knox, has upset the wrong people and is now on the run throughout Egypt. While hiding out with an old friend, Daniel learns of an excavation site that may hold a clue as to where Alexander the Great's gold lays buried. Soon after, Daniel and a cast of others are racing against each other to solve the mystery of the 'Alexander Cipher'.

While I found the long passages of historical fact somewhat distracting, the intense action and suspensful twists kept me turning pages, anxious to know what would happen next. There was perhaps more coarse-language than I'm comfortable with, but I still had a hard time putting this book down.

I think Mr. Adams has done an excellent job in his debut work of fiction, and I will be watching for more by him.

Rated: A-

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Jim said...

The first third of the book didn't do much for me, but it picked up after that. A couple of unnecessary plot strands, but the archaeology and history stuff are fantastic!