Sunday, January 22, 2006


Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Wow, what a powerful book! I think that this book was/is sooo popular because so many people could probably relate to it in some way or other. I found myself really relating to Scarlett in a lot of ways (I don't want to say in the *bad* ways, but I think we all have a little of that in us, no?). Anyhoo. It was oftentimes a very depressing book, and it's left me with a really melancholy feeling on putting it down -- partly because it wasn't a "happy ending" (and I'm a sucker for those), and partly because I'm sorry to see the book go. I was really enjoying it, despite its length! (This is the longest book I've ever read! Yay!)
I hated the descriptions of the war, as that is sooo not my cup of tea. I hate conflict in any way, shape or form. And, I cringed at the treatment of the African-American peoples... the slavery, the derrogatory terms, etc.
But, I loved all the rest -- Scarlett's determination and bullheadedness, and Melanie's forgiving, sweet spirit, and Ashley's honor, and Rhett's savage but loving personality.
I'll probably reread this book some day! :o)

As for now, I'm going to be getting the movie from the library and watching that to see how closely my imagination and the movie fit. ;o)

Excellent book! Highly recommended, if you've not yet had a chance to read it. :o)