Saturday, May 27, 2006


The Gathering Place by Becca Anderson

Casey Ellis feels unfulfilled in her church. The sermons are used to "guilt" members into service; the members' prayers are self-seeking. Casey desires a closer walk with the Lord and realizes she won't find it there.

While browsing in the Christian bookstore, Casey meets Lydia Steele. Over coffee, Lydia describes her church, "The Gathering Place" and its members that call themselves "the Body". Casey's hopes rise as she wonders if God is leading her to seek Him through the Bodylife. The more entrenched Casey becomes in the Body, though, the more she realizes it isn't God calling her there at all!

Much of the book contains unbelievable situations, such as Casey's immediate trust in Lydia and the Bodylife members' financial support despite lack of employment. Yet readers will still relate to Casey's desire to walk closer with God. Those who have experienced spiritual abuse may find strength in reading of how Casey struggles to get free. [August, 307p., $13.99]

Monday, May 22, 2006


Stolen Lives by Brian Reaves

Robert Whitney has the perfect life until trucker Derek Morrison steals his family with one wrong move. Robert rages at God for the injustice, and is determined to get revenge on his own using his knowledge of hacking and social engineering.

Derek Morrison's life has never been picture-perfect, but he has his wife and son to make him happy. That is, until Robert steps in and starts to dole out his "justice". With the help of two private investigators, Derek finds out what Robert is up to and is determined to stop him before he goes too far.

Reaves' book has all the makings of an excellent suspense / thriller. The multiple viewpoints are handled well and keep the story interesting. The two budding romances add to the excitement, and readers will be kept on the edge of their seats wondering how things will turn out. Aside from a few ends that are tied up a bit too neatly, this book is well crafted and intense!

Highly recommended!

(To be published: August 2006)