Thursday, October 12, 2006


The Brethren (Annie's People #3) by Beverly Lewis

** Please Note: This review was written by my friend, Doris S.**

What woman doesn't want to have it all? Annie Zook, the Amish preacher's daughter sure does. Truth be told, everything she did now was either with her art or Ben in mind, and Annie could hardly wait to have both. No need to choose one over the other as she had with her former beau, Rudy.
"I can have it all." (Annie - p.306)

I found it tough to get into the book and looked for a way to start it more quickly and with more action. What I found was that, had chapters 1 and 2 been reversed, this may have been accomplished. Also, Zeke's character change/conversion was too profound and quick. His total reversal of thought patterns, behaviour, and treatment of his wife could have started earlier in the process.

Nevertheless, I liked that the book deals with issues relevant to today's reader, plain or fancy, and that Scriptures are woven into the text seamlessly. Also, how Beverly Lewis avoids "preaching" by recounting the thoughts, experiences, joys, grief, and decision making processes of the characters. She continues to explore and illuminate the ways and beliefs of the Amish in a respectful way.